Arquitectonica as Guest Editors for Interiors + Sources Magazine Fashion Issue

ISLogoCoverInteriors and Sources Magazine tapped Arquitectonica’s Laurinda Spear and Marisa Fort to guest edit an issue focused on fashion, design and architecture. They filled the issue with notable Miami stories and interviews, since their hometown city is a happening place with diverse projects. To highlight a side of Miami not as obvious as South Beach, the issue features articles written by unique Miami voices including: Raymond Fort, Raymond Jungles, Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, Shohei Shigematsu, Mohsen Mostafavi and Jessica Goldman. Spear and Fort’s guest editing duties included magazine layout, which they based on the simplicity of Morphologie: City Metaphors by O.M. Ungers.

Here is a Snippit from the Editors’ Letter – Regarding inspiration for the print layout:

“In its simplicity, our print layout references Morphologie: City Metaphors by O.M. Ungers. Before we found the reference, we were wondering how to lay out the magazine. We explored various ideas, and reviewed all the issues of Nest Magazine, Stefan Sagmeister’s work and current interiors publications to get our bearings. Then Raymond (Fort) gave us a copy of Morphologie, and immediately we felt that the straightforward layout helps the contrasting group of people and places we are featuring cohere. It also stood out from most magazine layouts that you see today—something different…”

For view the July 2013 Sample Fashion Issue, visit the links below:

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