ACOLA features Arquitectonica and SMDCAC Kiosk

9944.6.77-PILArquitectonica’s designed for a family of Kiosks for South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center is featured in Connections ACOLA Raynobond® eNewsletter.

This sleek system of 2 large and 3 small movable stations is plated with Reynobond® Aluminum also used in the hovering canopy above SMDCAC’s main entrance. The larger kiosk consists of an ellipse divided in 2 movable parts. With built-in refrigeration, wash basin, bar style countertop, multi-use storage and accent lighting, the large Kiosk provides concession all the way around. The miniature kiosks are designed to provide individual concession including drinks, wine and hors d’oeuvres.

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