3-year-old cancer patient gets his wish at the Trinity construction site in San Francisco

Trinity Properties & the Make-A-Wish Foundation fulfill the dreams of 3-year-old Renzo Lombardi, a kidney cancer patient


Renzo Lombardi with Angelo Sangiacomo (left) and Mike Duran (right) at the Trinity Phase III construction site.
(Patricia Wilson / Make-A-Wish)

Last month, Renzo Lombardi got his wish to be construction foreman for a day at the Trinity Phase III construction site in San Francisco.  Renzo was diagnosed with a special type of kidney cancer called Wilm’s Tumor, and is currently in remission.  When the Make-A-Wish foundation approached Angelo Sangiacomo of Trinity Properties with this request, Mr. Sangiacomo bore no hesitation in donating his construction site and time to this endeavor.  When asked how long it took him to make the decision to participate in this Make-A-Wish event, Mr. Sangiacomo replied, “Not even a second.  I said ABSOLUTELY YES!”


At the construction site, Renzo was able to help operate some of the heavy machinery, including a dirt hauler, a crane, and a manlift.  He even got to help out on a concrete pour and create a small piece of concrete memorabilia (think Hollywood movie stars at the Chinese Theater) emblazoned with his name and hand prints. This concrete monument will be incorporated as a permanent part of the Trinity Place development.


A video recap of Renzo’s day at the Trinity Phase III construction site may be viewed below.


Renzo’s Itinerary for the Day
9:00-9:20 (AM):        Renzo arrives; Stretch & Flex
9:20-9:40:                  Safety Orientation
9:40-10:00:                Site Tour
10:00-10:20:              Demonstration of Model
10:20-10:40:              Operate Manlift
10:40-11:00:              Haul Dirt
11:00-11:20:              Operate Crane
11:20-11:40:              Concrete Pour & Handprints
11:40-12:15 (PM):    Pizza Lunch
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Video Courtesy of SFChronicle