Video – The Story Behind Beach House 8

Documentary-style video of Beach House 8 in Miami Beach, Florida.

Video produced by Morabito Properties / CMC Group.  Writing/Direction/Production by Lemon Yellow.

With its sunswept boulevards and swaying palm trees, Miami has become known for one thing above all else: the beach.

Made famous by its (now historic) art deco architecture, Miami Beach has been a vibrant and thriving resort ever since the early part of the 20th century. As synonymous with style as it is leisure, 21st century Miami Beach is now one of the most exclusive and sought–after locations in the world. But where people once flocked here for the easy lifestyle and ocean views, newcomers are as likely to be attracted by the chic urban living and modern city vibe. However, for property developer Valerio Morabito, the shimmering condominiums and sleek urban profile of contemporary Miami Beach seemed strangely at odds with the laid–back tranquility of the landscape. And this is precisely where the story of Beach House 8 begins…

With beachfront property at an all–time premium, Morabito Properties enlisted renowned Miami–based architect Bernardo Fort–Brescia of Arquitectonica, and set about creating a residential development that married the luxuries of a modern city with the intimate charm of the beach itself. Welcome to Beach House 8.