The New York Times: Queens West preserving historic Pepsi-Cola Sign

qw_pepsiThe New York Times featured Queens West, a rental apartment development in Long Island City featuring views of Manhattan, and Arquitectonica’s Bernardo Fort-Brescia’s design that recessed a portion of the building to accommodate the restored, iconic Pepsi-Cola sign. The large billboard, a familiar fixture on the East River since 1936, was preserved from the dismantled Pepsi bottling plant and now plays a prominent role on the grounds of the new residential complex.

Here is a snippet of the article:

Once regarded as an eyesore, the sign is generally embraced today as a symbol of Long Island City’s industrial past, as a colossal work of Pop Art and as a way for those who live in the six buildings…

…”I didn’t want the sharp corners of a rectangle competing with the letters,” Mr. Fort-Brescia continued. “I chose to curve the corners so the building seems to fade away.” That the curves are also evocative of the streamlined Art Deco period in which the sign was erected is an added benefit, he said. But the design is not meant as historical allusion.

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